My Approach to a Shoot

As a creature of habit, I generally have a certain way that I go about my shoots. When I arrive, I will normally shoot the exteriors of the home first, assuming that we have nice light and good weather. Since I’ll be at the home 1-2 hours, the light will change as time passes, As such, I’ll take the opportunity at the end of my shoot to assess whether or not the lighting on the home has improved. Sometimes I’ll end up re-shooting the front or back if I like the way the sun illuminates the property better than when I first arrived.

After exteriors, I’ll work the “heart of the home” – living and dining space, followed by bedrooms and baths. My goal is to photograph these rooms from various angles, and to show off not just each room but how one room flows into another. This helps the viewer get an idea of the home’s layout.

As I work in these areas, I will move things that I don’t want to draw attention to. The things I move most often are area rugs that are not anchored by furniture. These are typically door mats and kitchen and bath throw rugs. I pick these up because I want viewers to look into the room, and not at the pop of color on the floor (and it’s also generally nice to show off the flooring). I will also remove dish towels in kitchens and any excess “stuff” on the kitchen counters. Counters don’t have to be sterile looking, just not too cluttered.

Light bulbs, especially on bedroom end tables, are also things that I check. If there are two nightstand lamps, it’s preferable to have them both on. If only one works, I will look for a replacement in the house. If we can’t find one, then they both need to be off, otherwise the shot would look unbalanced.

In baths, I’ll do my best to ensure the counters or shower stalls are as uncluttered as possible, or I’ll shoot around products as best I can to minimize the appearance of clutter. Remember, though, that my main job is photography and not staging. The less cluttered the homeowner makes it  before I arrive, the better it will be for all concerned.

I generally do not photograph interiors of closets, laundry rooms or garages unless specifically requested. The idea of the photos is to have a set that will entice a  buyer to say, “That looks nice, let’s go see it.” Not every nook and cranny has to be on display for a photo set to be very effective.  My approach is to feature the best of the property.

I am always open to special requests, so do not hesitate to ask me about doing something special for your property shoot. I want you to get the home sold, so you can count on me to be of help in whatever way possible!